Our Team

Board Members

Jefferson Shriver

Doselva’s CEO and co-founder is a passionate environmentalist who has spent over twenty years living in Central America. During his early days in the area, Jefferson would take excursions out to the last stretches of virgin forest that remained in Nicaragua, or in neighboring Honduras. The wastelands cleared by slashing and burning impressed him so much that it became part of his life vocation to find a way in which sustainable agricultural livelihoods could co-exist harmoniously with forested landscapes.

Along the following years, which lead to the foundation of Doselva in 2017, the current CEO of the company kept experimenting -both professionally and in his own farm- with sustainable land use management strategies. In time, he found out that high value spice plants like vanilla and turmeric, cultivated beneath a multi-layered canopy, could guarantee both resilient rural economies and thriving, biodiverse ecosystems.

Aaron Sachowitz

Doselva’s co-founder is a dedicated and experienced educator and social activist. Aaron has been able to combine his teaching and institutional governance responsibilities at Saint Mary’s College with many years of service (two of them as chair) on the Board of Directors of COLAGE, the only national organization expressly dedicated to supporting people with LGBTQ+ caregivers.

Both before and after becoming a community entrepreneur with the foundation of Doselva, Aaron dedicated much of his scholarship to the pressing issue of food justice. He has published award winning research on the matter, and -being an Associate Professor of Media Technologies and Culture- he is committed to a long term, nation-wide project to harness the multimedia capabilities of the internet to achieve social impact through the collection and mapping of food stories.

Shayna Harris

Doselva’s third board member and investor has vast experience in the agri-business with focus on fair trade and sustainable supply chains. She is a grounded leader who brings innovative visions to life with a strong executional track record across Fortune 100 (Mars), fast-growth start up (Farmer’s Fridge), and the nonprofit sector (Oxfam).

She is also active as the Managing Director at Supply Change Capital, a venture firm she co-founded with the intention of investing at the most promising and progressive intersections between food, culture and technology.