By Ann Armbrecht, SHP Director, Jefferson Shriver, Co-Founder and CEO Doselva, and Stephanie Kane, Global Sourcing Specialist, Gaia Herbs


This is a case study utilizing the Community Capitals Framework (CCF), with a focus on Rural Development through turmeric and ginger production. The CCF examines how to support community development through seven capitals and is part of the Sustainable Herbs Program Learning Lab series. The purpose is to identify a framework that captures the multi-dimensional nature of community life, illustrating how participation in the botanical network impacts this diverse context.

Thus, this initial case study was presented as a prototype to begin framing these impacts, based on preliminary and early research, along with interviews with some but not all key stakeholders. The goal was to share examples of impactful initiatives, crucial for assessing various types of partnerships, and to inspire further research.

Back in 2019, we met with Gaia and quickly realized that both companies share values and a shared mission and vision of transforming the nature of herbal farming industry, and this aligned with Gaia launching the Global Farmer Investment Fund that aims at supporting their farming network with investment in regenerative agriculture.

At Doselva, we are proud to work with companies that share our values and invest in the communities where their herbs come from, making sure these are sustainable and beneficial for the customers, the farmers, and the plant.


To learn more about this partnership and impact, we invite you to download the case Study in the next form.