These centers allow for post-harvest handling and primary processing by the farmers across the several regions where Doselva operates, which enables the direct shipment of produce to Doselva’s plant located in Granada Nicaragua.

The franchise model aims to increase producers’ responsibilities and foster a greater sense of belonging to the value chain. In addition, it promotes active participation and knowledge sharing among farmers and creates new employment opportunities for the younger generations in farming communities. Creating an environment for learning, discussion, participation, and exchange of ideas is seen as crucial for this model to deviate from the traditional approach where farmers are limited to only producing and harvesting.



Organizing farmers in remote rural areas through on-farm technical assistance and providing seed and input financing through our Doselva Insumos Program, accessible to all partners associated in our supply network. Additionally, we guarantee market and pre-financed contracts for their entire harvest, with certification costs covered by Doselva, free of charge for farmers. Our training approach includes workshops on agroforestry systems design for turmeric, ginger and cardamom, technical assistance with a gender and environmental sustainability approach, and gender-sensitive technical assistance and promotion of sustainable and resilient environmental technologies.


Establishing primary processing centers close to our operational areas, operated either by farmers or our team members, to enhance the value of products for farmers. This initiative focuses on capacity building, knowledge sharing on quality control, and increased farmers’ involvement across the value chain. Additionally, this aims to reduce travel distances for raw materials at the primary level, resulting in lower costs for farmers and higher quality.


Generating local employment at the regional level and providing training in new skills for the botanicals industry, Doselva stands as one of the primary agro-industry companies in the Granada department of Nicaragua. As part of our commitment, we also strive to reduce our water footprint through the reuse of water in the washing process and the implementation of solar drying techniques.


Forging partnerships with customers and co-investors to collaborate with Doselva in making a positive impact in the regions where we operate. We also seek collaborations with companies demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and environmental stewardship. Our overarching goal is to deliver a high-quality product to consumers while upholding organic integrity.


Access to verified seeds and high-quality genetic material for establishing turmeric, ginger, and cardamom plots in Central America is limited. However, abundant climatic and soil conditions are a significant opportunity to foster this emerging industry’s growth. Serving as a cornerstone for this development, Doselva launched the Doselva Insumos Program in 2021. This initiative enables small-scale producers to acquire high-quality seeds or vegetative material at affordable rates, with the flexibility to settle payments within 8 to 12 months with Doselva. This occurs once their plots achieve 100% productivity and have been harvested, which are later delivered to our company’s facilities.

This financing model empowers farmers to diversify their farms with new crops, ensuring additional income during low-earning months—all without incurring interest charges and financial security to pay back the loan as the harvest serves as collateral. Furthermore, producers are assured, through an annual contractual agreement with Doselva, that total production will be fully purchased, and farmers will receive technical assistance for the development and harvesting of these new crops. This operational approach eliminates the high expenses associated with importing seeds from other countries, access to organic fertilizers or inputs, planting certified varieties aligned with market demand, and provides secure access to international premium markets for botanicals.


  1. Producers must be part of the Doselva producer network and adhere to all technical recommendations from our team.
  2. Doselva creates farmers profile with information provided by the farmers including details on fund utilization, the producer’s track record, and specifying the financing purpose.
  3. Doselva conducts fundraising campaigns through established platforms to secure the requested amount for the farmers. Once funds are raised, 100% is transferred to the farmer’s account.
  4. Requested funds are provided in the form of inputs or seeds at the start or end of the harvest cycle, ensuring fresh, quality inputs with sufficient shelf life.
  5. A contract outlining received inputs, costs, and payment terms supports the granted credit.
  6. Payment of the financing begins with the harvest, structured through installments, or as defined in the contract.
  7. Once the funds are fully repaid by the farmers, Doselva transfers these funds to the lending partnership. This program offers a 0% interest rate for farmers.

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