Doselva is a for-profit social enterprise. We got into the spice trade in Central America to have a positive social and environmental impact in the region, and in the process help the local micro-economies grow and thrive.

As part of our core business model, we provide high quality, traceable, organic, medicinal botanicals for premium international markets across the USA, Europe, and are growing into new markets. Our product line includes turmeric, cardamom, ginger, lemongrass and allspice which are a hundred percent food-safe and of the highest quality. But the most fascinating aspects of our endeavor lie at the opposite end of the supply chain. Rooted deep in the Nicaraguan interior, our operations in Central America are an ongoing and ever-growing engine for sustainability, biodiversity and equitable trade. Doselva works with hundreds of farmers across different Nicaraguan regions to enhance both their livelihoods and the sustainability of the farming system.


Doselva’s processing facility adheres to the highest global sustainability standards, offering services that enable farmers to access formal and lucrative markets. Our fair-trade practices encompass a sales contract at the onset of the planting season, payment in USD, pre-financing with seed, technical support, and the provision of harvest materials, along with transportation from local collection points.

With the ongoing expansion of the global market for certified organic botanicals, our commitment to fair trade and regenerative agriculture is poised to rapidly extend throughout Nicaragua, its neighboring countries, and beyond.


At Doselva, we go beyond focusing on organic practices as by having on the ground and yearly presence on the regions we operate in we engage actively with local communities in our active regions involves collaboratively designing multi-story shade strata. Within these structures, our diverse, high-value crops flourish, mimicking natural ecosystems to enhance biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Altogether, this approach improves soil structure and overall health. We prioritize shade-tolerant spice plants that thrive beneath a forest canopy, ensuring that pest management and fertilization are exclusively achieved through organic solutions.

Deforestation, soil erosion, climate change and price volatility -combined with a myriad of other factors- are quickly making the situation of monocrop small-holdings in Central America untenable.

At Doselva’s Capacity Building, farmers gain access to organic and food safety certifications; as well as to a vast array of ecological processes they can apply to agricultural production, such as mulching and raised beds for drought and flood resistance, organic solutions for fertilization and pest management or agroforestry.

Our aim is to transform the botanicals trade into a force for social and environmental awareness and change, while at the same time delivering products of the most outstanding quality.