Partner of Small Family Farmers,
Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

Our role is to bridge smallholder farmers to formal markets through turnkey, last-mile business solutions. We excel in transforming raw materials into premium-quality, high-volume products ready for export to the international markets, including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.


We envision a world where Central American farmers obtain living incomes by cultivating high-value spices in harmony with nature, the planet, and the people inhabiting it.


We are dedicated to the production, processing, and export of the highest quality spices from Central America. Our goal is to improve smallholder farmers’ incomes and implement regenerative and scalable agroforestry practices that make local ecosystems more resilient to climate change in Central America with a strong focus in Nicaragua and Honduras.




Respect towards oneself and others, expressed both in words and actions.


Commitment to achieving the highest standards to be a leader and role model in the industry.


Strength to overcome adversities and recover after a crisis.


Constant collaboration with a spirit of camaraderie and humility, leaving ego and individualism at the door.


Doselva only achieves success when aligned with the prosperity of small farmers and the regeneration of the ecosystem.

Professional Integrity

Acting in accordance with what we believe is right, even when no one is watching, helps foster an open, positive work environment and an ethical approach to decision-making.


Gender equity is an integral part of our work, extending beyond our team, investors, and farmer’s network. Learn more about the drivers behind our Gender Policy and how we implement it at Doselva.

Doselva chooses investors that value gender equity to achieve a positive social and environmental impact.

Ensures equal inclusion of women in the Board of Directors.

Promotes women's equal participation and leadership in all areas of the company.

Encourages the promotion of women in all areas of work and at all levels.

Prohibits discrimination at all levels regardless of age, sex, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, socio-economic status, disability, etc.

Strictly prohibits any type of harassment in the workplace, with special emphasis on sexual harassment and workplace harassment.

Works in the active inclusion of women in agribusiness as part of Doselva's smallholder farmers' network in all areas where we operate.

Promotes the economic empowerment of women in the agribusiness world as a selection criterion among input and business services suppliers.

Prohibits taking any negative action or causing damage against any employee, customer, supplier, or other individuals who are commercially related to Doselva for reporting any conduct that may violate this policy.

Establishes commercial relationships with clients that demonstrate and strengthen a gender equity policy in their organizations and share it publicly.


Jefferson Shriver

Jefferson Shriver

CEO and Co-founder, Social Entrepreneur
Aaron Sachowitz

Aaron Sachowitz

Professor of Media Technology and Culture
Chris Onorato

Chris Onorato

Board Observer & Financial Consultant
Jeremy Bauman

Jeremy Bauman

Executive Director at Ground Up Investing, Board Member