We offer a wide range of food-safe, organic, traceable, and fair-trade certified products that are recognized as high-value crops with medicinal properties, such as turmeric, ginger, cardamom, lemongrass, allspice, and more. Our products are destined for various industries, including tea and beverages, natural supplements, health and wellness, and cosmetics. We bring high-quality and traceable ingredients to market from farm to consumer, ensuring excellence in every use.


Our ginger varieties are grown in rainforest agroforestry systems that promote tropical diversity, soil enrichment and aquifer health. Our ginger is carefully grown by smallholder farmers in Nicaragua, particularly in the Rio San Juan and Carazo regions, where conditions are optimal for the cultivation of Hawaiian and Jamaican varieties.


Our cardamom is grown in Honduras and Nicaragua, with most of our volume coming from Honduras. This spice is grown and harvested from May to July and October to December, together with coffee plantations in the highlands. In both countries, we work directly with organic and non-organic farmers as farmers seek new crops to diversify their land and income. We can supply cardamom in different qualities, e.g., Jumbo green, Pale green and MYQ (Mixed Yellow Quality), in whole pods, in slices, tea-bag-cut, seeds and powder for the food and tea industry.


Our lemongrass is grown organically on certified farms together with turmeric and ginger. This intercropping strategy promotes soil health, diversifies income, and has proven to be an environmentally friendly alternative. Once grown in Nicaraguan home gardens, lemongrass now makes an important contribution to soil conservation and family income. Valued for its medicinal properties, it is now also available for the tea industry.


Our turmeric is grown by smallholder farmers in Nicaragua in the regions of Boaco, San Juan de Rio Coco, Rio San Juan, and Carazo. The turmeric grown in Nicaragua has a naturally deep orange color, a higher curcumin content and a healing effect. Discover the excellence of our premium dried turmeric, which has a remarkable curcumin content of 6-8% – a significant leap over the industry standard of 1-4% found in turmeric from other origins.


Our allspice is native to Mesoamerica, comes from Santa Barbara, Honduras, and has a lab-tested essential oil content of 3.9%! Allspice is the perfect spice for world-class food professionals and connoisseurs.