Organic spices full of flavor
and goodness


Food-safe, organic turmeric in fresh rhizomes, dried slices, powder or tea-cut to specification.
Our dried turmeric consistently lab tests at 6 to 8,5% curcumin levels, compared to the industry average of 1-4%.
Harvest and export season for fresh turmeric is January to May with a current processing capacity of three containers. Dry turmeric supply year-round.


Conventional or organic ginger, either as fresh rhizomes, dried slices, powder or tea-cut to specification.
Harvest and export season of fresh ginger is from January to May. Year-round supply of dried ginger.


High quality organic vanilla planifolia in whole beans ready for export grown under the forest canopy.
Harvest season November to January, ready for export February.


Different grades of organic cardamom, from bold green to MYQ and seeds.
The harvest season is from October to December (80%), and from January to February (20%). Cardamom can be ground to specification, powder or tea-bag-cut


Conventional and organic Lemon Grass, tea-bag-cut to specification.
Two varieties available all year round: Cymbopogon Citratus and Cymbopogon Flexuosus.


From November to February, we harvest and export both organic and conventional hibiscus.
Choose between two different varieties: Criolla and Salvadoreña. Available in dried flowers, powder or tea-bag-cut.