Amongst the most exciting undertakings we share with local communities in the areas in which we are active, is the joint design of multi-story shade strata in which our diverse, high value crops can grow, imitating natural ecosystems in ways that increase biodiversity and carbon sequestration, while improving the structure and overall health of the underlying soil. That is why we prioritize shade tolerant spice plants that thrive under a forest canopy, while we make sure that pest management and fertilizing are achieved through entirely organic solutions.

Deforestation, soil erosion, climate change and price volatility -combined with a myriad of other factors- are quickly making the situation of monocrop small-holdings in Central America untenable.

At Doselva’s Capacity Building, farmers gain access to organic and food safety certifications; as well as to a vast array of ecological processes they can apply to agricultural production, such as mulching and raised beds for drought and flood resistance, organic solutions for fertilization and pest management or agroforestry.

Our aim is to transform the spice trade into a force for social and environmental awareness and change, while at the same time delivering products of the most outstanding quality.

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