We got into the spice trade in Central America to make a profit, for ourselves and for everyone we work with, but also to have a positive social and environmental impact in the region.


Of course, we provide traceable, organic, medicinal spices for premium international markets. And of course, our vanilla, turmeric, cardamom and ginger are a hundred percent food-safe and of the highest quality. But the most fascinating aspects of our endeavor lie at the opposite end of the supply chain. Rooted deep in the Nicaraguan interior, our operations in Central America are an ongoing and ever-growing engine for sustainability, biodiversity and equitable trade.Doselva works with hundreds of farmers across different Nicaraguan regions to enhance both their livelihoods and the sustainability of the farming system.

Doselva’s newly renovated plant meets the highest standards for sustainability world wide, and provides services that allow farmers to access formal, profitable markets. Our equitable trade terms include: A sales contract at the beginning of the planting season, payment in USD, pre-finance with seed, technical support, provision of harvest materials and transportation from local collection points.

Fueled by the continuous growth of the global market for certified organic spices, our thrust towards fair trade and regenerative agriculture is now set to rapidly expand across Nicaragua, its neighboring countries and beyond.


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